marvin hagler vs willie monroe
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marvin hagler vs willie monroe

marvin hagler vs willie monroe
some more of my classic boxing footage i hope you like
marvin hagler vs willie monroe - классный ролик
would hagler have beat monzon i think not think hagker v? duran
@VeniceTrojan I've read that Hagler was sick in the first fight. Monroe was ahead in the second fight before being stopped and this is the 3rd fight. It maybe that Monroe's style was awkward for Hagler but he solved it during their 3? fights.
A "good mover" such as Hopkins may have beaten Hags, but if this had happened it would have been a close points decision. However, I'm quite confident that Hags would have outpointed the Great Monzon! Hags style would have allowed him to dodge Monzon's left jab (one of Mon's chief weapons) & Hags hand speed was sperior to Monzon. Hags chin was just as good as Monzon's if not better. Hags only had trouble with boxers who? moved very well & counterpunched, & Mons wasn't one of these.
Charley Burley, Sugar? Ray Robinson, Marvin Hagler, Carlos Monzon, & Bernard Hopkins I believe were the five best Middleweights in History, PERIOD!!!
Hagler was one of the best ever! Hags had speed, power, switch hitting ability & the best chin in 160? lb history. But he was only human - Monroe beat Hags when Monroe was in prime (before he got stopped by David Love in 4 rounds). When Monroe beat Hags, Willie had only lost 3 times previously, all on points. Monroe beat Hags coz his style was all wrong for Marvin. Monroe could move very well on his feet & could box. This was a similar style to what Leonard employed many yrs later to beat Hags!
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